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This is where tomorrow’s cart systems are created

Welcome to the HAEBERLE Cart Design Center! Here, everything revolves around innovative cart systems and your medical application. The best and most expensive equipment can only be used optimally if the cart system on which it stands is perfectly matched to its specific application. 

Are you interested? Would you like to know more? Talk to our development and design experts about a cart system that fits your requirements exactly, both in terms of function and design. 

Whether standard solutions or custom designs, HAEBERLE is your partner for innovative cart designs.

Innovative equipment carts. Experience them live!

Independent of location

All you need for your visit – a laptop or smartphone.

Professional advice

Consult online with our experts in the development and design of future-proof cart systems.

Customized design

Individual concepts are created together with you online. The design makes all the difference.

HAEBERLE product worlds

Our world, our products, our services - your possibilities.

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haeberle cart design center

The design crowns the construction

Our standards for the functional and visual design of our solutions are high. But for our cart systems, the best design is never an end in itself. It is one success factor and today’s indispensable icing on the cake.

Our standard of excellence

Exeptional innovative strength

High-quality medical systems deserve a cart that does them justice in every respect. We develop a solution for you that becomes one with your product – in size, function and design.

In-depth industry knowledge

Over the past decades, we have had the opportunity to demonstrate our innovative strength, our understanding of the sector and our design expertise to many well-known and prestigious companies in the field of medical technology.

Functionality meets design

HAEBERLE solutions start where others stop. They stand for maximum mobility, flexibility and reliability in use. The design makes the difference.

haeberle cart design center

Meet the experts

You’ll be inspired at the HAEBERLE Cart Design Center. Find out what added value an individually configured cart system can bring to your product.

Meet our cart design experts online and talk through your ideas with us – in a no-fuss setting.

Do you not have a specific project yet? Well, why not just make a call and take a look around online? This is where we offer you an opportunity to get to know our HAEBERLE cart systems.

Take a look behind the scenes and find out how our specialists in the development and design of innovative equipment cart systems put your specific application and requirements in the foreground.

Skizze HAEBERLE swingo Gerätewagen
haeberle cart design center

Great reasons...

At HAEBERLE, we live the high standards of the medical technology industry every day. Our core area of expertise lies in the collaborative development of applications with medical users and the industry.

HAEBERLE has been a specialist in innovative, multifunctional cart systems for many years. As a top European player and design leader in the development of individual cart system designs for medical devices, we have been a development partner of renowned medical device manufacturers for many years. 

Experience for yourself our high design standards and maximum product diversity. What sets us apart is our speed, flexibility and determination to always come up with new product solutions.

Configuration possibilities
Years of experience

HAEBERLE: A firmly established name in medical technology

For close to 90 years, HAEBERLE has been acknowledged as an innovative supplier of personalised equipment cart systems. Our versatile trolley systems are in use worldwide. We also develop high-quality transport systems for medical-technical products from renowned manufacturers with high design and functional standards. Our company is certified in compliance with the DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 standard for the design and production of medical devices.

HAEBERLE Cart Design Center
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